Static Websites

Static websites are sites that are made using standard HTML code. These sites are great for small businesses that have a product or service or location that they would like people to be able to access online.

These sites are generally about five pages in size and are "static" meaning that that the content does not change often.

Content updates need to be done manually by a webmaster using an HTML editor and an FTP program. Any images to be used on the site need to be manually optimized by the webmaster. Recent cameras can take photos 5 to 10 times larger than what I typically use on a website. If these images are not shrunk, they will slow your site down and use excessive bandwidth from your users.

mr-b Computer Services charges $80 per hour for updating websites.

Our brochure sites, customized from a varied selection of 75 attractive, responsive templates cost $449. including a domain registration, one year of web hosting and up to five emails.

Colour, general layout, images, headers and various other aspects are typically changeable in each sample template. If your company has a logo to be incorporated, I ask that you provide me with a digital copy.

Once the look and structure of the site has been approved by you, I ask that you supply me with all your text and desired content. If I am supplied with all the necessary information, I can generally develop a website for you and have it online within a week's time.

If your static brochure website needs updating I will charge you based on our hourly rate of $80 and I will bill in ½ hour increments. A good deal of updating can be done in a mere ½ hour. Should your company require frequent updating, a CMS (Content Management System) may be your best option.